Dance Team Suspended for Hazing at Florida A&M!

Regular readers of this site will remember the name Florida A&M: less than a year ago a member of the marching band died as a result of hazing incident on a bus and since then the program and school have been thrown into a firestorm of controversy . . . mostly because there had been a series of similar incidents over the years and the administration had done little, sildenafil troche if anything, best viagra there to combat the practice. The heat got so bad at the school that the university president resigned because of it in July.

So how do we start off the 2012 school year at FAMU? With another hazing incident, this time reportedly involving the school’s Torque Dance Team. Not a lot of details about what actually happened over Labor Day weekend, but it was enough for the school to investigate and suspended the entire squad. But really: how stupid do you have to be to continue hazing at a school where a kid DIED less than a year ago and lawsuits are flying around campus like drone aircraft?  (You can read the details of the stupid things that were done to Robert Champion here.) FAMU even put out new, stricter guidelines they thought would end hazing practices.

We hate to see schools over-react to hazing incidents, but in this case the death penalty might be the only thing to get student’s attention. End the program for five or six years (long enough that anyone who even remembers the school had a dance team are long gone) and start completely over with all new coaches, trainers, etc. And if there’s another hazing incident after that, then it’s gone forever.

I think even drunk college students would get the message at that point.

Source: CBS News