High School Coach Placed on Leave Over Sex Book, Admits “Weakness for Cleavage”

Bryan Craig was the girls basketball coach at Rich Central High School and a guidance counselor at the suburban Chicago school. That is, until Craig wrote a book. No, the issue was not that he wrote it on school time. Apparently the issue that caused district superintendent, Donna Simpson Leak,  to put Craig on leave pending a district review was the subject matter of a book called “It’s Her Fault”: sex. And it’s a not a clinical “Dr. Ruth” type book on sex. This appears to be a “how to score with chicks’ type of book.

Really? Is that a taboo subject for a man who coaches impressionable young women?

Oh yeah, probably. The good news? It is available on Amazon.com, but so far has received only 2 out of 5 stars, including this detailed review: “This is a disgusting piece of crap and no woman in her right mind would want to be anywhere near a man who believed in anything written here.”

Here’s more on the story:

In the forward to the book, titled “It’s Her Fault,” Craig says his intention is to give women a guide to gaining the “upper hand in a relationship” because he is tired of hearing them complain. The book contains graphic details on his observations of the female anatomy, including what he describes as physical differences between ethnicities that lead him to conclude that “Latin women have more children.”

Among the assertions in the book is that all men and women should be promiscuous before getting married.

He also writes, “The easiest kill for a man is through the young lady with low self-esteem. Of course some will feel this is taking advantage, and yes it is. The ultimate goal for a man is to do all he can to eventually be able to commit and submit to a woman’s power.”

According to Amazon.com, the 60-page book was published Aug. 2. In the book, Craig also reveals that he moonlights as a strip club bouncer. He says the job allows him to blow off steam, manage his anger and be nicer to his wife.

Source: Fox News