8/8/12 Update – Court Says Cheerleading Not a Sport, Olympic Weightlifter Drops 432 lbs on Neck

A federal court has said competitive cheerleading is NOT a sport, viagra physician at least when it comes to Title IX compliance. This comes after Quinnipiac University tried to cut its women’s volleyball team in favor of the competitive cheer squad. Next they’re going to try to tell us the USC Pole Dancing Team isn’t part of a real sport either!

Hazing Incident at Penn State Leads to Criminal Charges – The incident wasn’t part of a sports program, medical but one of the accused, troche Hanif Johnson, was a member of the PSU track team.

On Tuesday, suspended U of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson pleaded not guilty to raping a woman earlier this year after she invited him to her room to watch a movie. A university investigation this year found nine allegations of sexual assault that had gone unreported over the past 18 months.

Painful Sports Pictures – German weightlifter drops 432 pounds onto his NECK as he strains to defend Olympic title. Looks like the guy is okay, but the pictures look pretty scary.