8/7/12 Update: Olympic Menu Features Pot Brownies, Full Montee, Jets Brawl

Just when you thought the Summer 2012 Olympics couldn’t get any dumber . . . we present to you American judo fighter Nick “Dude!” Delpopolo who was expelled from the Olympic Games yesterday after testing positive for marijuana. His defense? In a statement, discount viagra cialis sale Delpopolo claims his “. . . positive test was caused by my inadvertent consumption of food that I did not realize had been baked with marijuana, generic cialis before I left for the Olympic Games.” And maybe just a hint of a bong water chaser, maybe?

And the Great Montee Ball Beat Down of 2012 gets stranger: now a man claims Ball and other football players beat him at a house party two weeks ago and even supplied them with a photo of his still healing slip lip. (Don’t click if you’re still eating breakfast.) Something strange is going on in Madison because first cops were saying they weren’t investigating the July 27 beating, then admitted they were and that it just might have a connection to Ball’s beating. Few people nationally realize what a football power U of Wisconsin has become over the past decade and it wouldn’t surprise us if someone, somewhere is trying to protect its program and star player.
Meanwhile, over in North Carolina, a grand jury has handed down five indictments against former Hickory High School basketball coach Shawn Johnson accusing him of five counts of indecent liberties with a student. Johnson was already suspended because of accusations of sexual impropriety made this spring by a student, and now it appears he was dipping his pen in the company ink, so to speak, back in 2007, 2008, and 2009. What, no hot girls at the school in 2010?
In NFL news: the biggest thing to happen at the New York Jets camp today did NOT have anything to do with Tim Tebow. Actually the pressure of the Team Mark vs. Team Tim conflict may have boiled over at practice when a brawl broke out. Here’s more from the New York Post:

Jets running back Joe McKnight and rookie defensive back D’Anton Lynn got into a fight during yesterday’s practice that escalated into a brawl involving 20 players, including quarterback Tim Tebow, that spilled over advertising signs near where fans were watching.  It was the biggest fight of a feisty practice that featured a few smaller fights and lots of hard hits. It is clear the Jets are anxious to play an opponent other than themselves. They open the preseason Friday in Cincinnati.

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