8/4/12 – Meanwhile, over at the Fantasy Football Daily Feed

Dear BadJocks Readers:

After playing fantasy football last season (and winning my league) I discovered there was a TON of information out there for players, but it wasn’t really organized anywhere. Everyone from ESPN to NFL.com to CBS Sports has their own leagues, experts and opinions, but what if you wanted to hear a little from everyone each day? Nobody seems to share or play nice in this arena. It’s almost like they don’t want you to know the other sites exist.

Or maybe someone could point out if there was a similar theme being pushed by many voices (Tebow will replace Sanchez by game 3)? That’s the point of the Fantasy Football Daily Feed: to look at all the noise out there, synthesize it down to something that fills you up, but doesn’t overwhelm you.

So, if you play fantasy football and would like to check the site out, please do.