8/2/12 Report: Playing to Lose at the Olympics, Water Polo Nip Slip, Former Raven Arrested, more

More trouble at the Olympic Games in London: Badminton officials have thrown out eight players from four teams after it appears they intentionally lost their preliminary matches. Why? Apparently the Chinese #1 was so dominant, they wanted to lose to get a better draw in the tournament, not get eliminated early, and at least play for a silver or bronze medal. Link includes video clip that shows the pathetic attempt to lose the matches. – CBS Sports

Speaking of Olympic video: NBC viewers got an eyeful from an underwater camera during the USA/Spain women’s water polo match this week when an American player grabbed her opponents swimsuit and, well, let’s say things popped out momentarily. Link includes video clip and is slightly not safe for work, although it is an underwater camera shot – Daily Mail

Also at the Olympics: Australian rower Joshua “I’ll Have Another” Booth, 21, was arrested at 3:30 am, the morning of his 8 man team event, for a drunken incident involving damage to a storefront. What, an Australian who drinks? That’s almost as shocking as the badminton scandal . . . – The Independent

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis, who is due to be inducted in the team’s Ring of Honor late next month, was arrested and charged with child abandonment – Baltimore Sun

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Wisconsin running back Montee Ball, a Heisman Trophy finalist last season, was jumped but five guys in Madison, WI and beaten. He suffered a concussion and some facial injuries. And gang of angry Michigan fans perhaps? Who says only bad things happen outside of bars at 2:15 in the morning? – ESPN