Diplomatic Storm Brews Over Chinese “Girl” Olympian Who Beat Ryan Lochte’s Time

Pardon the pun, but is something fishy going on at the Olympic pool in London?

Ye Shiwen is a 16-year-old swimmer for the Peoples Republic of China and won a gold medal this week in 400m individual medley with a time that was better than American Ryan Lochte in the men’s finals. Except, up course. Shiwen is a young woman and she actually swam FASTER the last 50 meters of her race, something that is almost unheard of in the sport.

Naturally the American coaches are suggesting that Shiwen had some assistance (no we checked, she was definitely not equipped with a 75 horse Evinrude during the race) which, of course, the Chinese who have never been accused of cheating to win an Olympic medal (cough, cough).  So, of course, the Chinese have to come back with a straight face and say “Are you f*cking kidding me?” and then everyone laughs ’cause they know full well that there is something afoot, but who’s going to really press it: any one of the 150 counties that owe China money as part of their national debt?

In the end, Mr. Deadbeat USA is probably going to keep his mouth shut on this one or find his kneecaps getting broken in some back alley.

Source: Daily Mail