Victims Claim High School Jock “Hit Them With His Penis” During Year Long Hazing Events

Seth Kellen
Seth Kellen

Is it really hazing when an older teammate repeatedly tries to stick his finger in your anus, best cialis buy grabs your junk or makes you grab his over a period of almost a year? How about if someone pulls his own pants down in an elevator, viagra generic cialis jumps on your back and beats you with his penis? We suppose it could be, but if the charges against Browerville High School (MN) athletes, Seth J. Kellen, 18, and Connor S. Burns, 18, prove to be true it would certainly be one of the worst hazing incidents we’ve ever reported. And if it’s not some kind of hazing, then these two are just strange birds.

The recent graduates face a variety of similar, but different charges: Kellen is charged with both felonies and misdemeanors, including third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving penetration and indecent exposure in a public setting, while Burns is charged with six counts of criminal sexual conduct, four of them felonies and two gross misdemeanors.

So, what exactly did these small town multi-sport jocks do to face these kinds of charges? According to the lengthy article in the Star-Tribune:

Connor Burns
Connor Burns

Football and basketball players at Browerville High School were repeatedly sexually assaulted by teammates in showers, elevators and hotel rooms, according to criminal charges that have authorities puzzled that the attacks continued for months without anyone complaining or investigating.  In April, a parent went to a school official about a sexual incident in August 2011 at Horseshoe Lake, about 4 miles north of Browerville.

After the football team’s practice, led by the captains, several players went to the lake for a swim. Some team members began dunking a teammate and sexually assaulted him while he was underwater.  A 17-year-old player alleged that in March at the state tournament, Burns held him down in their downtown Marriott Hotel room while another teammate digitally penetrated him through his athletic shorts.

The next night, the 17-year-old endured the same, this time with one teammate holding him down while Burns and Kellen carried out the assault, the charges said.  Kellen also is accused of pulling down his own pants while in a Minneapolis parking ramp elevator with his teammates and two student managers, ages 11 and 12. Kellen then jumped on teammates’ backs and hit them with his penis, according to the charges.

Kellen also is accused of sexually assaulting football and basketball teammates numerous times in the locker room, in a school hall or in a locker room shower.  His assaults were alleged to often involve penetrating or attempting to penetrate teammates digitally through clothing, groping teammates’ genitals or trying to make them touch his genitals. One teammate he allegedly victimized was 13 years old, another 14 at the time.

So, the real question is: how did this kind of behavior go unnoticed by coaches or teachers for an entire school year? No one EVER noticed this kind of behavior from these two? We find that hard to believe, but we’ll let the legal system do its work.