Coach/Teacher Accused of Falsifying Player Transcripts

No, it’s not on the same scale as the scandal at Penn State, but it’s a related disease.

Someone thinks they’re doing the right thing to protect or help a sports program. Who will ever know, and if it helps a kid improve his life, what’s the big deal?

In this case, the big deal is that an assistant football coach/math teacher at Forest Hill High School (FL) was charged with two felony counts of falsifying documents and receiving unlawful compensation. Translated: Michael Stephen Dudeck, 55, who also runs a tutoring company, created fake classes and grades for a couple of jocks so they could play football last fall.  And did he do it simply out of the goodness of his heart? Apparently no, as one of the players said they paid Dudeck $300 for the chance to NOT go to class and still pass.

Source: Palm Beach Post