Wanna Bet? You Can Place a Bet on Almost Anything Related to London Olympics

According to a report at Newser.com, you can bet on almost anything at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Sure, you can place a bet on Usain Bolt winning (or losing) the 100 meters and traditional stuff like that, but how about the really strange stuff? And by strange, I mean stuff that the guys in Vegas wouldn’t even think of, much less take a wager on.

Wanna bet whether it rains during the opening ceremony? There’s a London bookie who will take that.

Wanna bet there will be a picture taken sometime during the games of a British athlete eating a McDonald’s Big Mac? Yep, they’ll take that one too.

How about the Olympic Village running out of the 150,000 condoms it has in stock for horny athletes? Are you kidding? I’ll take that bet.

But the strangest bet of all? That a UFO will hover over the Opening Ceremony! You can get 1,000-to-1 odds on that happening, which is much less likely (apparently) than flamboyant London Mayor Boris Johnson accidentally lighting his hair on fire with the Olympic torch. Odds on that are 33-to-1.

Much more fun than betting a plain old roulette wheel I’d think.