BuzzFeed: Some People Still Don’t Understand What Joe Paterno Did Wrong

What do you get when you combine the Tweet of anfy Penn State fans following the NCAA’s announcement of sanctions against the university with sections from the Freeh Report on what actually happened? A great article by our friends at that shows just how out-of-touch the Paterno apologists are.

WARNING: Some of the Tweets contain Not Safe For Work language and stupidity.  Here’s one of my favorite Tweets:

“Seriously f*ck whoever punished penn state. #joepa”

Whoever punished Penn State? You’re following this story so closely you don’t know who the NCAA is or their role in this?

Here’s a taste of this piece:

Twitter, viagra buy hospital meet the Freeh report. Freeh report, cialis sales viagra meet Twitter. The next time you hear someone defend Joe Paterno, you might want to send them this.  The Freeh Report was the end result of an investigation of the Penn State sex abuse scandal led by former Director of the FBI and District Court Judge, Louis Freeh. The investigation was commissioned by the University.


May 3, 1998