Penn State Pounding

For Penn State students, alum, and fans who were holding their breaths this weekend awaiting word on what the NCAA will do to the football program there is good news: the Nittany Lions will not face the death penalty. The bad news? They may wish they had.

According to sources, the NCAA will likely announce today some blistering punishments including the loss of scholarships, bowl appearances, and a hefty fine.  So, likely it will cripple the once proud program for years to come and fans will have to sit and watch in disgust as every game, every down will be a reminder of the flawed oversight of the program for the past dozen years or so. The Death Penalty would have been bad, no doubt, but at least it would have been done, over. Not staring you in the face every fall Saturday afternoon for years to come. Better to have no season or an 0-10 season?

And if that weren’t enough, the University itself decided early Sunday morning to remove the statue of Joe Paterno that sat outside Beaver Stadium.  Roads to the stadium were blocked, a blue-covered barricade put up around it and then workman started the removal process.  We can certainly understand not wanting to wait until thousands had lined up to protest to the removal or block workers, but to some fans it will certainly seem like PSU pulled another fast one in the middle of the night, like firing JoePa last November.

We’re not closer to what’s going on in Happy Valley than the rest of you, but from where we sit, it certainly looks like the relationship between administration and well, everyone else there, is broken and will remain so for quite some time.