More Trouble for Penn State: The Woman Who Stood Up to Joe Paterno

I remember reading about Vicky Triponey a few years back when she was a vice president at PSU who oversaw student discipline. Or at least the discipline of some of the students. When it came to Paterno’s football players, buy he reportedly thought only he knew best how to punish his boys and wanted Triponey to stay out of it.  She was told it was just the “the Penn State Way” and she should just go with it.

She didn’t.

In the end, prostate guess what happened? She tried to use the authority granted to her by the university as part of her job and when Paterno objected, she was gone. Does that mean the Penn State football program was more corrupt than other big time athletic programs? No, but it does show that the culture in Happy Valley was so skewed toward what was best for the football program (and Paterno) that no one stood a chance against it.

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