Cowboys Dez Bryant Arrested on “Family Violence Charge”

What is a “family violence charge?” Sounds like he allegedly assaulted a female member of his family (mom, sister, niece) who Bryant’s not married to, otherwise it would be domestic violence or something. Anyway, the real question is: what impact will this have on your fantasy football team?

First thing: unlike the Adrian Peterson incident last week in Houston, this is NOT Bryant’s first run in with the law or similar incident. In just the last year the Cowboys #1 draft pick in 2010 got into an altercation with rapper Lil’ Wayne (but not arrested) was temporarily banned from a mall for arguing with security officers about his saggy pants, and was sued by a jeweler who claimed Bryant owed $850,000 for unpaid merchandise. No, that really doesn’t add up to jail time, but it does show a pattern of off-field issues that eventually could get him banned by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for a game or two.

Right now, Bryant is projected as a 15th best fantasy WR by ESPN and the #1 receiver for Dallas. If he misses some games that would help Dallas’ #2 receiver, Miles Austin. As far as impacting Tony Romo . . . Romo will still have weapons to throw to even if Bryant is out of the game, and will likely choke in clutch moments regardless. If Bryant gets a more severe penalty–or goes to jail–it could also benefit TE Jason Witten, already one of the top players at his position.

Off field distractions are never good for players or teams and Bryant seems to be collecting them like Beanie Babies.

Source: Yahoo Sports