Knick’s Jason Kidd Arrested for DUI After Charity Event

First off, we know the questions you all have on your minds: what was Kidd’s blood alcohol concentration when he was arrested and was it enough to make it into the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings?

And the answer: we don’t know . . . at least not yet. What we do know is that Kidd–who just joined the Knicks on Thursday–was at a charity event prior to the arrest and was allegedly pretty intoxicated. So much so that the folks at TMZ are claiming to have a picture showing Kidd being carried out of the event just prior to driving off. Hard to say what’s really going on in that pic, but we can say that if the charges hold up against the future NBA Hall of Famer, than it’s NOT a good start to his career in New York.

And the worst part of this whole incident? According to some reports, Kidd allegedly hit a telephone pole in his Escalade and knocked out cable TV service for hours–HOURS!– to the local residents.

Source: Fox Sports