Nick Saban’s Daughter Sued Over Savage Sorority Sister Attack

Here’s the basics, according to the lawsuit filed by former sorority sister Sarah Grimes:

Alabama football coach Nick Saban has a daughter, Kristen, who was in the Phi Mu sorority at UA back in 2010.

One night at the sorority house the gals were drinking.

Went to a bar. More drinking.

Saw one of Kristen’s former boyfriends who ignored her.

Went back to sorority house where Kristen continued to complain about whine about old boyfriend.

Drunken comments are made on Facebook.

Kristen attacks Grimes, punching her repeatedly in the head, grabbing her neck and pulling her hair, leaving her bloody, swollen and bruised.

Grimes needs medical attention and reconstructive surgery on her face.


Details here at the AJC.