Drunk Woman Blames GPS For Crashing Car Into Golf Course Sand Trap

Patricia Maione mug shotThere’s nothing like spending a nice, leisurely day on the golf course enjoying sun, your friends and the occasional drunk driver who just happens to be stuck in a bunker next to the 14th green. Meet Patricia A. Maione, 46, of Uxbridge, MA who claims she ended up in the sand trap at the Whitinsville Golf Club in Northbridge because her GPS told her to turn left into a cornfield and she did.

Once in the (bleeping) cornfield, of course, she had no choice but to keep going which is how she ended up on the golf course, driving 45 mph at one point. Apparently the GPS also told her to turn into the bunker, which ultimately stopped her car and lead to her arrest by police. Maione claims that the half a liter of vodka she allegedly consumed earlier in the day (this happened in the middle of the afternoon) played no role in her misfortune. And the cup of booze that cops found inside the car was just there for safe keeping, right?

Maione was charged with driving with a suspended license; drunken driving, fourth offense; negligent driving; and driving with an open container of alcohol in the car.

Source: WTSP