Video: Youth League Hockey Coach Trips Opposing Player During Post Game Handshake

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it’s possible the post-game handshake between youth sports teams has outlived its usefulness. Yes, 99% of the time nothing happens, but on a more frequent basis the calm exchange of pleasantries is used as a way to retaliate against an unwitting opponent who thinks the action has stopped. In the past, we’ve had cheap shot punches, kids with tacks hidden in their gloves and other nastiness. Now comes possibly the worst thing we’ve seen: an youth hockey coach uses the post game handshake to trip an opposing player, 13, causing the kid to fall and break his wrist. And his team even one the game!

Was it just an accident? Unlikely as the coach takes a wide swing with his leg (something you don’t do while wearing shoes on the ice) and then points at the fallen player as if to say “you know why I did that.” Still, even if the kid did the most unspeakable hockey thing you can imagine (keeping all his own teeth until he’s an adult) that’s no reason to trip him.

Word on the street is that police in British Columbia are looking at this video and considering filing charges.

Source: Montreal Gazette