Gymnastics Coach Caught Taking Boy, 15, Into Tanning Booth, Kissing Him Bottomless – Betsy Ann Brashear

Kissing him bottomless? Now that’s a new twist on the “older woman/young boy” scenarios, viagra cure although there are also some other odd qualities about this story as well.

First, pharm the boy was at an Oklahoma City gym near midnight last Thursday with . . . his mother?

Second, mom was SO busy with her own workout that she couldn’t be bothered to keep an eye on her own kid, even after she saw a hot blonde 24-year-old flirting with the boy. So, she asks other people at the gym to keep an eye on him as the two flirted.

Finally, Skippy here was dumb (or smart) enough to go into a tanning room with gymnastics teacher Betsy Ann Brashear, 24, and think no one was looking. Okay, so maybe he didn’t know what she was going to do, but doesn’t he have Internet access or cable TV at home to know where this is headed? At that point, according to police, Brashear starting kissing the boy and took off her pants or shorts or whatever she was wearing on the bottom half of her body while other gym rats told the kid’s mom. Uh, oh.

Mom burst in, dragged the bottomless Betsey out into the gym where everyone got a good view of her goods, allegedly. At that point, she ran back into the tanning room, locked herself in and waited for police to show up.

Brashear is charged with a felony count of lewd acts with a minor under 16 and will make her next court appearance on July 13 . . . hopefully with her pants on. (The Huffington Post has a whole gallery of other photos of Brashear taken from her Facebook and MySpace pages. She’s actually quite attractive with her pants on in some of them.)

Source: FOX 23