Woman Sues 11-Year-Old Little Leaguer After Being Hit in Face by Ball – Elizabeth Lloyd

It’s tough being a kid today with everything going on at school, remedy all the nasty stuff on the Interwebs, and trying to avoid one of the 50 or more Kardashian family reality shows on TV. Now, pre-teens also have worry about a lawsuit from a lady that just happened to hit in the face with a baseball at a Little League game.

This particular incident happened at a New Jersey Little League game two years ago in Manchester Township. Elizabeth Lloyd was sitting at a picnic table near the fenced-in bullpen at the Manchester Little League park when she was hit by an errant throw from catcher Matthew Migliaccio, 11 who was warming up a pitcher.  No one claims that Matt threw the ball intentionally at Lloyd, but that has not stopped her from suing the boy–and his family–for $150,000 in medical bills, plus an unspecified amount for pain and suffering. Not to be left out, Lloyd’s husband is also suing for the loss of “services, society, and consortium” of his wife.  Their claim is that Matthew’s errant throw was intentional and reckless, “assaulted and battered” Lloyd, and caused “severe, painful, and permanent” injuries.

Unfortunately, the insurance Little League carries covers injuries to players and coaches, but not spectators, so the Migliaccio family is on its own on this one. If the case goes to trial, Matthew’s family expects it to cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend themselves in court.

Source: Philly.com