Little League Coaches Accused of Attacking Umpire After Game

Ah, it is that time of year. The long, carefree summer days filled with bike rides, lemonade and the occasional assault on a Little League umpire.

At the Artesian Little League field in Martinsville, Indiana there’s a sign that reads “Remember, it’s just a game!  And it’s just for kids!” Apparently, the adults in Martinsville can’t read because two coaches (correction the LOSING coaches) started arguing with an umpire Josh Moscrip following an extra innings game in the first round of the league tournament.  This happened near midnight, just after the teams shook hands to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

But, instead of taking the loss like adults, the two coaches went after Moscrip and, at one point, he claims he was head-butted. According to reports, the coaches and the umpire continued to fight right there on the field in full view of about a dozen of parents, and about 30 12-year-old boys. One of the accused coaches (who is not named in the story because he has not been formally charged) says he’s not proud of what happened, but also tried to make it sound like both he and Moscrip were at fault. Apparently the umpire does not see it that way as he has filed charges against the coaches.

Source: FOX 59