HS Golf Coach Arrested for Buying Booze for Team That Lost by One Stroke in State Tournament

Mug shot of Kyle Gordon ErnstNow there’s a caring coach for ya!

All Hermantown High School (MN) assistant golf coach Kyle “Put It on My Tab’ Ernst was trying to do was cheer his players up. And why not? The Hermantown Hermits boys team fell one stroke–ONE STROKE!–short of winning the state golf championship being held near Shakopee last week. Crushing, just crushing. You can just see the tears welling up in their little eyes, can’t you?

So, Ernst did what any coach would do; he did his best to console both the boys and girls teams and he went out and bought a couple of cases of beer, a 12 pack of hard cider and a 40 ouncer. He then, allegedly, brought it back to the hotel where the team was staying and started the party. The only problem? Pretty much everyone but Ernst, 26, is underage and really not allowed to consume alcohol, even if they did just lose the state championship by ONE STROKE. There’s gotta be an exception in the manual for that, doesn’t there officer?

We’ll spare you the long details of how Ernst got caught (it involved some members of the team trying to drunkenly buy lottery tickets at 3 am) but needless to say, neither the cops nor the school were happy with his coaching methods. Ernst now faces one count of gross misdemeanor furnishing alcohol to someone younger than 21, and likely will not return to Hermantown next season, even though his team lost in the state championship by one lousy stroke.

Hey, if that happens, can someone buy this guy a beer to help him drown his sorrows?