Naughty Gym Teacher Update: Lauren Redfern Caught in National Park Shooting Guns, Drinking and Taking Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Former gym teacher Lauren Redfern mug shotYou all remember Lauren Redfern from Colorado, medicine don’t you? She was the female gym teacher who was caught having sex in her office bathroom with an 18-year-old male student by the school’s athletic director back in February. Not much you can really do at that point but quit your job at┬áBasalt High School and wait to go to jail.

Unless, of course, you’re Ms. Redfern. Then, while awaiting sentencing for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, you head to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Utah with a bunch of friends to blow off a little steam. And, by blowing off a little steam we mean doing a little drinking in the park (probably not the first time that’s happened) partaking in some hallucinogenic mushrooms (also probably not the first time) and playing some loud music. All of that probably would have just gotten them some dirty looks from fellow campers. But when she and the other members of the camping group allegedly started shooting off guns–like a 12-gauge shotgun–the park service cops pretty much have to step in and throw some cold water on the party.

Unfortunately for Redfern, she’s now accused of violating bond conditions by drinking alcohol and leaving Colorado without written condition from a court. The former teacher faces four to 16 years in prison if convicted and is scheduled to be sentenced June 26 on the contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge.

Source: The Denver Channel