Indian Female Track Star Arrested for “Raping” Girlfriend, Possibly Being a Guy – Pinki Pramanik

Pinki PramanikDon’t you just hate it when that happens? You’ve been dating a female jock for months and then she actually turns out to be a guy and he rapes and tortures you multiple times?

We have to admit that this is not the first “female” jock who turned out to be a guy story we’ve ever covered here on BadJocks. The most famous one dates from 2005 when Samukeliso Sithole, who ran track for Zimbabwe, was unmasked as a man. In her/his defense Sithole claimed that her family owed the town witch doctor some money and when they refused to pay he slapped a curse on the family which included–we’re not making this up!–adding a penis to the formerly female Samukeliso. She was able to convince a Zimbabwean judge to give her six months to pay off the debt and allow nature to take its course and then her penis-curse would fall off. Apparently that didn’t happen because she/he spent several years in jail after that.

Now comes the story of an Indian track star, Pinki Pramanik, who won won gold in the 4x400m relay in the 2006 Doha Asiad and a silver in the same event at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Pramanik currently works for the Eastern Railyway in India, or at least she/he did, until police where called after her/his lover claimed the jock not only raped and tortured her, but that she was actually a dude. Later reports claim that Pramanik bribed gender judges to get away with the ruse all these years and has so far refused to take a gender test which is apparently more complicated that just asking her/him to lift up his skirt.

Source: BBC