Euro 2012 Update: Croatin Woman Who Exposed Breasts Could Lose Gov. Job – Jelena Miksa

viagra usa there Euroi 2012″ src=”” alt=”” width=”249″ height=”374″ />Poor Jelena Miksa. She and several other female fans of the Croatian soccer team traveled all the way to, cialis sales medicine uh, wherever the hell they’re playing the Euro 2012 Championship, saw the home team win a tough match 3-1 and then got a little carried away with their celebration. How carried away?

They lifted up their shirts. Then they took their shirts off completely. Then it appears they let another Croatian fan like a nipple.  And it was, of course, all caught on camera. Great fun for those in attendance, but not apparently for the Croatian government which employs Ms. Miksa. They, apparently, would prefer for her to keep her top on during the tournament.

After seeing some of the NSFW pictures linked to from this site, you might agree.