Kilted Streaker Becomes TV Star Down Under

Scottish streaker in Australia "Braveheart"In most countries, viagra sales advice if a man ran out in the middle of a major sporting event in a skirt and lifted it up to reveal he wasn’t wearing any underwear, find he’d not only get arrested, he’d likely get taken for a psychiatric evaluation.

But not in Australia.

Down under, you see, they have a slightly different sense of humor, so a Scotsman in a kilt at a rugby match is probably a welcome distraction. In this case it was Murray Greig, 22, who followed the Scotland team on a world tour that landed them in Australia for the first time in 30 years (you fellas gotta get out more.) The Scots won 9-6, which prompted young Mr. Greig to run out onto the field in his kilt, do a handstand (NO!) and then proudly lift it up as he raised a triumphant finger into the air. The result? Greig became a media start in Australia, where the local press dubbed him “Braveheart” and the ESPN channel used his antics to promote the tour broadcast.

How did things turn our for this streaker? According to Greig, “I was running around the pitch and security guards were chasing me. I managed to dodge them for about another 30 seconds before they caught up with me. The police asked me for ID but I didn’t have any, so they let me go.”

Source: Daily Record