Two Women, 43 & 45, Arrested for Exposing Breasts at Golf Course

Mug shots of ladies who exposed breasts on golf course.Not a lot of details yet on this story, viagra usa seek but the mind does race, buy cialis doesn’t it? What would compel two women in their 40s–who don’t appear to have stripper names–to expose their breasts at a public golf course in the middle of the day? Maybe it just got so hot today they took their shirts off and just forgot they weren’t at home? Maybe they both got hit on the head with the same errant tee shot and they went topless crazy?

About all we know is that the Madison County, Missouri Sheriff’s Department was called about 2 pm on Monday after receive reports of women exposing their breasts at Woodlands Golf Club. When officers arrived they observed¬†Alicia L. Binford, 43, and Shelly L. Lewis, 45, both of O’Fallon, Mo, “lewdly exposing their breasts on the golf course property.”What’s not clear from the original police report is how LONG the cops observed this behavior before they made their arrest. We’re guessing three to four hours.

They were both arrested and taken to the Madison County Jail where they were charged with a misdemeanor charge of Public Indecency.

It doesn’t say if there was a special golf tournament going on that day, of anyone had been drinking or if this was just a dare that went WAY too far. There are supposed to be more details coming out on Tuesday, so stay tuned. This might turn out to be very interesting. At right, Binford and Lewis’ mug shots. Not bad, not bad.