Giants Tackle David Diehl Arrested for DWI in Queens, Blows .18% BAC

DUI/Drunks Category LogoDoes the NFL have a drinking problem?  Last week, sick Justin Blackmon set a league rookie record for BAC after being pulled over for DUI with a whopping 0.24%.  And then Vikings fullback Jerome Felton was found passed out drunk in a fast food drive thru lane in the middle of thenight. And now Giants tackle David Diehl was arrested for DWI in Queens with a BAC of 0.18% . . . more than twice the legal limit. At over 300 lbs, patient Diehl is off our BAC Rankings Chart for how many drinks it would take to get that drunk, but if he was two, 150 lb guys, each one would have to drink 7 drinks in the hour before the breathalyzer test. So, at least at this point, it does not appear this was an “Oops, I had a glass of wine with friends” kind of incident. Unless, of course, the glass is the size of your head and you chugged it.

Diehl, who makes over $1.2 million a year, was picked up by police after running into several cars Sunday night about 8 PM.

According to at least one source, Diehl, who has relatives from Croatia, had tweeted about watching Croatia’s 3-1 victory over Ireland in soccer’s Euro 2012 Sunday afternoon.