Jacksonville Jaguars’ First-Round Pick Justin Blackmon Arrested for DUI, Blows .24% BAC

Justin Blackmon's mug shot pictures: 2010 and 2012One thing you can say for top draft pick Justin Blackmon: he’s consistent. And if there’s one thing the NFL loves almost as much as money, it’s consistency.

Take Blackmon’s drinking and driving for instance: In October 2010 he was arrested by Carrollton, Texas at 3:45 am going 90 in a 60 MPH zone on Interstate 35. At the time officers gave him a field sobriety test (no BAC that we can find) and determined that the 20-year-old had been drinking and was arrested under Texas law for having ANY detectable amount of alcohol in his system.

Now, flash forward almost a year and a half and at about 3 am on Sunday, June 3, 2012, Blackmon was clocked driving 60 mph in a 35-mph zone in Stillwater, Oklahoma and was arrested at a gas station after failing to pull over for several blocks. (Drunk, speeding, 3 am–consistent!) This time they did administer a breathalyzer and the star wide receiver blew an impressive 0.24% BAC, putting him in a tie for 20th ALL TIME on the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings, right next to former NFL star Charles Woodson and former Tigers broadcaster Lary Sorensen.

And look at his sad “I’ve Been Arrested for DUI” face in both mug shots. Now THAT’S consistency!

Back in 2010, Blackmon’s coach at OSU, Mike Gundy, was all about seeing both sides of the story and telling us what a great person his star receiver was. A one-time, error in judgement by a young person? Sounded like it at the time. But more than a year later to be arrested for the same thing? That’s big time stupid. And the Jaguars had better keep an eye on him: at .24% BAC, most people are passed out and close to death, much less behind the wheel. We’re not doctors, but the obvious assumption is that Blackmon may, just may, have done some drinking between that October 2010 arrest and this one and has started to build up a tolerance to alcohol. We could be wrong there, but this sure had the telltale signs of someone who likes to party, no?

Source: NFL.com