Family Sues School District for $18.7 Million, Claims They Ignored Coach Sex Scandal

Is this the next phase in the High School Coach Sex Scandal trend of the last 10 years? We report more and more of them, but nothing seems to want the schools to get more involved in preventing these incidents.  So, parents are going to start suing schools, especially when there’s evidence they knew–or should have known–about an inappropriate relationship. The latest case: In Indiana, the family of a former student is suing LaPorte Community School Corp. claiming it failed to properly supervise its employees and also failed to provide a safe environment for their then-15-year-old daughter.

The case involves former junior varsity volleyball coach Robert Ashcraft (currently serving 21 years in prison) who reportedly had sex with an underage girl about 25 times between September 2007 and summer 2009. The lawsuit names as defendants the LaPorte Community School Corp., Athletic Director Edward Gilliland and head volleyball coach MaryBeth Lebo claiming they had reason to believe the relationship was taking place, but failed to report it to either law enforcement or child protective services between August 2007 and October 2008.  How much is sex between a teen and a coach worth? About $18.7 million accord to the girl’s parents. Now word on how they arrived at that amount.

Source: NMI Times