Defense Attorney in Bengals Cheeerleader Sex Trial Might Ask for Postponement Due to “Voluminous” Amount of Evidence – Sarah Jones

You all remember Sarah Jones, best viagra ask don’t you? She’s the former Ben-Gal cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals who was accused, capsule several years ago, by a website of getting or giving STDs to members of the team. She sued the site, won millions of dollars (which she has not been able to collect from what I understand) and then suddenly resigned her “day job” as a high school teacher last fall. This spring she was charged with having sex with one of her underage male students. Next up is her trial, but that could be postponed as it looks like the local police have MORE than done their job this time.

According to Fox 19 the defense just received the pile of evidence the prosecutor has at his disposal, including “. . a DVD which contains some 9,500 pages. In addition, there are 9,000 pages of Facebook material, 5,000 pages of pictures from a photo website called “Shutterfly”, 4,000 pages of phone records, 500 pages of bank records, 200 pages of Twitter correspondence, an unspecified hundreds of pages of emails, and 1,000 text messages.”  Holy crap! Either these guys just copied the entire Internet just for fun, or Ms. Jones has some explaining to do.

So for, Jones (and her mother Cheryl, a middle school principal accused of tampering with a witness) has plead not guilty to the charges, while the family of the “victim” in this case say they are supportive and really don’t want to press charges. So . . . if nothing happened, why are they being supportive?

Stay tuned.