Topless Female Protestor Tries to Steal Euro 2012 Soccer Trophy

Okay, viagra generic malady so let’s get this straight: your Ukrainian feminist group wants to make point about how women are sexually exploited so you get attention for your cause by performing stunts in public topless?  God bless the freedom-loving people of Eastern Europe!  You never see American women take such a strong stand for things they believe in, cialis sale search do you?

Which brings us to our story, capsule which isn’t really much of a story. An “activist” for a  Ukrainian women’s rights group grabbed the Euro 2012 Trophy (the event is being held this summer) while also taking her shirt off.  (You can find an uncensored, NSFW version of the picture from the event here. Please note: the Sun tabloid blurred out the F-bomb, but not her breasts.)

Here’s more from the Malaysian Chronicle:

Inna Shevchenko, 21, an activist in the Femen group, peeled off her top, revealing the words ‘F*ck Euro 2012’ on her torso.  She then grabbed hold of the 60cm-high cup while it was being exhibited in a central square in Dnipropetrovsk, according to a video clip released by Femen.

As security guards moved in on her, another activist, standing next to the cup, stripped off to the waist to display the same slogan. IFemen activists staged a similar protest in Kiev earlier this month, seizing hold of the same cup while it was on public display in the capital.

Organisers said the latest stunt was carried out by a 46-year-old French journalist from a French women’s magazine.  ‘She also supports our struggle against sexism and prostitution and decided to take part,’ said Femen spokeswoman Anna Hutsol.  Both women were detained by police.