Video: High School Mascot Stolen, Abused in Video – Bluffton High School

Still from Bluffton High mascot hostage videoIt’s a video many of us have seen before.

A masked gunman stands in front of the camera, holding a gun, making threats and demands. In the background, the helpless hostage waits in fear. On one point, the gunman/terrorist lashes out and smashes the victim in the face with the butt of his rifle. But no one really gets hurt.

Not because this is a Hollywood movie or TV show, but because the “victim” in this case is a large wooden statue of the tiger mascot of the Bluffton high School in South Carolina.  And the video is probably from some kid at a rival school who stole the hand carved tiger, made the video and then deposited it back on the 50-yard-line of the football field at nearby Hilton Head High school, as the “hostage video” went viral.

Although Bluffton school officials talk very calmly in the video below, they are apparently not happy with the way the mascot was handled and are asking law enforcement to try to find out who was responsible for the theft and the video.

Meanwhile, the mascot is back at school, this time chained down for safety, guarding the entrance to the football stadium.

Source: WSAV