Swim Coach Has Sex With Teen, Provides Her With Fake Medical Note to Get Back in School – Kenneth Fuller

Caoch FullerIf the charges against West Chester Rustin High School (PA) swim coach  Kenneth Fuller are true, this guy went to great lengths to allegedly have sex with a high school girl. Usually they find an empty classroom or parked car to do the deed. This guy–allegedly–prepared elaborate schemes to get the girl out of school and her pants.

Not only did he call the school on one occasion pretending to be her father to get her out of class, at least one other time–when the two had sex at a local hotel–he had prepared a medical document saying she had been treated at a local hospital. She then was allowed back into school on an excused absence.

He was also kind enough to give her some beers and get her a little drunk before the lovers had sex in the field at a local park. Classy!

Fuller was charged with institutional sexual assault, corruption of a minor and related charges.

Source: Daily Local News