Gym Teacher, 36, Accused of Inappropriate Contact in Classroom With Two Underage Boys – Kimberly Lake Smith

Gym teacher Kimberly Lake SmithIt’s been a little while since we had a lady gym teacher on this page. Say hello to Kimberly Lake Smith, generic viagra hospital 36, viagra a former teacher at Galeton High School (PA) who apparently has a long history of inappropriate contact with male students . . . at least that’s according to a criminal complaint filed by Galeton Borough Police Chief Christopher Brackman. In addition to the current two incidents (details below) it accused that Smith “engaging in similar misconduct with other students throughout her career at the district, from 1999 to 2012.” Uh, so why was she still teaching?

Anyway, the most recent incidents allegedly involve Ms. Smith and two 17-year-old boys in her classroom: in both,  Smith allegedly kissed the teens inappropriately and the let them touch her breasts through her clothes.  In addition, one of the victims was allowed to touch her genitals both through and underneath clothes, and she touched his genitals through clothes.  The worst part? Smith also stands accused of asking one victims not to tell anyone about their little extra curricular activity and to lie about it if asked.

Smith was charged with endangering the welfare of a child as a third-degree felony and endangering the welfare of a child as a first-degree misdemeanor.

Source: Ithaca Journal