UPDATED: Nine Ogden Utah High School Cheerleaders Suspended After Hazing Incident

UPDATE: Suspended Ogden Cheerleader Talks to Local TV Station – And basically talks out of both sides of her mouth. On one hand, tadalafil view she says the whole “getting blindfolded and pelted with condiments in the park thing” is way overblown. The victims knew–or should have known–what they were getting into. On the other hand, discount viagra according to suspended senior cheerleader Hailey Lawrence, she actually thought the whole hazing thing was a bad idea, but never brought it up to any of the other girls because they wouldn’t have listened. But she really didn’t participate and only watched. Sure Haley, sure.

In addition to being suspended from school, the nine senior girls were also banned from the prom. Ouch.

Video below from ABC4 in Salt Lake City:

Ogden High School Mascot

EARLIER: Sounds like there could be a problem with hazing in at Ogden High School.

Just over a year ago, six OHS 12th-grade student-athletes were disciplined following the hazing of a 9th grade student-athlete in an incident that occurred in the weight room at the high school. At the time, OHS Principal Trevor “I Love My Job” Wilson said, “We cannot tolerate hazing to any degree. This just solidifies in my mind the need for continual education so all students realize hazing is wrong. And because of the involvement of student-athletes, it has been especially important to communicate with our coaches and teams.”

Apparently that message did not get to the cheerleading squad.

Just yesterday, 9 senior members of the squad were suspended after parent complained about a hazing incident that occurred the weekend of May 4. According to the parents of some of the new members, they were told to “wear a cute outfit and come to a local park for a photography session.” So, the parents dropped their little girls off and once the adults were gone (cheerleading supervisors were no where to be found) the newbies were blindfolded told to lie on the ground and do a variety of exercises including sit-ups, push-ups and some cheers, all while they were pelted with various food items and liquids.

Two things about the pelting: some of the victims claimed that once they were blindfolded they could hear male voices cursing at them, indicating that some non-team members also joined in the “fun”. And secondly, the girls say they were pelted with bags of flour, a variety of condiments, pickle juice, and possibly, urine.

Yes, our old hazing friend urine. Usually reserved for boys wrestling teams, it has now allegedly moved into the hazing rituals of cheerleaders.

No one was hurt during this incident, but mothers who went to pick their girls up from the park afterwards were a bit surprised at the condition of the kid’s clothing and some were a bit shaken up.  By Monday morning at least three parents had complained about the incident and following an investigation, nine seniors from the cheerleading squad had been suspended from school.

That might not be the end of it though: the parents of some of the victims say they might press criminal charges against members of the squad who are over 18.  Yikes!

Source: Standard Examiner