Trial for UK Soccer Hooligan Delayed When Bathroom Partition Falls Him

You’re all familiar with soccer hooligans, aren’t you? Tough guys who always want to brawl with other soccer fans, get into it with the police and generally cause trouble without regard to their own physical safety. Like Liam Melody, 19, of Stanley Gardens, Wallington, a member of the fearsome Holmesdale Fanatics who’s on trial in the United Kingdom for allegedly pushing a stadium steward over a railing during one game and provoking a fight during another. If convicted, he could face a lifetime ban from ALL soccer stadiums in the country.

That is, if his trial ever gets underway.

It was delayed last week after–we’re not making this up!–a partition above the urinals at Croydon Magistrates’ Court fell on his head. Mr. Melody then ran into the courtroom with a gash on his head “crying for his dad” according to reports.

The urinal partition just fell on his head? And there’s no chance he got angry, punched the wall and it fell on his head in a grand example of Karma being a bitch?  We may never know, but Melody’s trial is expected to resume soon and we can only home he stays safe until it’s over.

A urinal partition fell on his head?

Source:  This is Croydon Today