Texas High School Baseball Teams Makes First Playoffs, Coaches Arrested for DUI – Grulla High School

It sounds like the three boys baseball coaches at Grulla High School in Texas have done a fine job this year, getting the team to the state playoffs for the first time in school history. And they didn’t rest on that accomplishment: they set out in a school-owned vehicle this week to scout some of the teams they might be playing in the tournament. Only one problem.

Somewhere along the way, district officials think some drinking was going on, and have confirmed that assistant coach Juan Aldape was arrested for drunk driving and head coach Jose Navarro, and another assistant Sergio Alaffa, may have been arrested on public intoxication charges. Right now, all three have been suspended with pay pending an investigation, but the three men who lead GHS to greater sports glory will not be in the dugout.

Fortunately, no students were in the car at the time of the alleged incident.

Source: Brownsville Herald