New High School Girls Soccer Hazing Photos Emerge – Joliet West High School

Joliet West High School girls soccer alleged hazing incidentIt’s been nearly six years since BadJocks first stunned the sports world with photos from the Northwestern Women’s Soccer Team show players being hazed wearing blindfolds, cialis buy sales with their hands behind their backs. Parents and educators were shocked, treat investigations were launched and now, in 2012, we can report progress: the same crap is now being done at the high school level.

At Joliet West High School, not far from Northwestern’s Evanston, IL campus, a new scandal erupted over the weekend as photos from a hotel room initiation–with an adult chaperone or coach watching–emerged on Facebook. In one image, a blindfolded member of the team has her hands bound and is plastic-wrapped to a chair, while someone shoves a bar of soap in her mouth. Another appears to fight off a can a whipped topping being shoved in her mouth with her bound hands. You can just feel the love in the room, can’t you?

As for punishments, the only official statement the school has made says “Please know that we are taking this matter extremely seriously.” Some parents say a few players have been suspended and the coach was not present at the team’s last game, but otherwise everything seemed to be pretty normal.

Video and additional details on this story from CBS 2 in Chicago: