Dispute Between Golfers Ends in Brawl, Cart Used as Battering Ram

Disputes on the golf course are nothing new: the foursome in front of you is playing too slow, ask or the group behind you wants to play too fast. Someone’s being too loud, or maybe taking one too many “Mulligans” off the tee. Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a group of young guys, out celebrating a buddy’s upcoming wedding who aren’t really familiar with the rules of the game at a course you play virtually every day.

So, of course, the best thing to do is ram them with your golf cart. But I jumped ahead there a bit.

According to police, James Hines, 61, was part of a mixed foursome of seniors (men and women) playing at the Jacksonville Beach Golf Club on Saturday behind a group of young men (in their 20s) who were in from out-of-town to help celebrate a friend’s upcoming nuptials. Most of the guys hadn’t really played before, so not only were they probably hitting the ball of few extra times, they were likely also talking quite a bit, drinking a little, and taking their time around the links. That, and according to one of the older ladies, they drove a cart across at least one green, something you don’t do for fear of damaging the surface.  Hines group of seasoned players were obviously horrified and repulsed.

By the 18th hole, Mr. Hines foursome had had enough of these shenanigans and, according to witnesses, he hit several balls at the younger group from about 200 yards away while they putted. Or maybe talked. Naturally, they took offense at that gentle nudging and allegedly threw one of the balls back at Hines.

Uh, oh.

That’s when things got REALLY interesting.  Police say Hines then jumped in his golf cart and drove straight at the other group, allegedly running over one guy’s leg before pinning (yes pinning!) a second one against another cart. Not satisfied with that carnage, the report also says Hines jumped out of the cart with a club in hand and hit another foe in the head, while the other members of his foursome swarmed forward, also armed with clubs. Charge!  The younger guys jumped Hines (they claim to protect themselves) and everyone tumbled into a sand trap just as police arrived.

In the end, James Alonzo Hines was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.