BadJocks Update: Fired Lacrosse Coach @ Franklin & Marshall College Considers Legal Action

Last week we reported on Lauren Paul, best viagra pilule the women’s lacrosse coach at Franklin & Marshall College (PA) who was dismissed from the team last week over an alleged hazing incident. Reports are now coming out that both Paul, viagra buy salve and some of the 11 players kicked off the team, levitra are hiring lawyers to fight back.

Oh, and the few players that were left on the team decided to just end the season last week, rather than continue without their coach and star players.

No details have emerged about the alleged incident, but the timing of this entire thing seems odd to us. The Lancaster Police claim they got a tip about an incident from March 2011 back in February of 2012, about the time Paul was making cuts to the squad for this season.  F&M was notified in March 2011 by the cops, but the administration took virtually no steps to investigate the claims until April 6th, 2012.

It could be that they did a very, very, very thorough investigation, but how long does it take to ask a dozen college girls who got drunk and what naughty things did they do to each other? Rumors are floating around that all of this uproar can be traced back to the parents of one player who was cut from the squad, but no one has confirmed that.

Let’s just say that we expect more details to come out about the F&M lacrosse program soon and it won’t be flattering.

Source: WHP-TV