Video: Sarah Jones, Troubled Bengals Cheerleader, Gets Taiwanese TV Treatment

April 4, 2012

They did it to Tiger Woods and now the folks at Next Media Animation in Taiwan have re-created the Sarah Jones cheerleader/high school teacher sex scandal story using animation. Wonder what it was like to be a student in Jones’s class? Wonder no more. At left, a still from the video, showing Jones teaching at the school in her Ben-Gals uniform to a class a cheering and drooling teenaged boys….


Pitt Linebacker Arrested After Traffic Stop Turns Into Police Chase, Weed Baggie Eating Contest – Carl Fleming

April 3, 2012

If you’re going to get into a bag ‘o’ weed eating contest with the cops, you have to know the rules. First, if they actually SEE you shove a plastic bag full of a green, leafy substance in your mouth after say, a minor traffic stop in Pittsburgh, they will try to get it back from you.  The contest has started! Driving off and ramming one of their cars will…


Former College Football Star Ryan Leaf Arrested for Burglary: This is Not a Repeat From Last Week

Ryan Leaf mug shot
April 2, 2012

Former college football stud–and NFL bust–Ryan Leaf was arrested for burglary on Monday, just days after posting bail for the same crime. When you can’t even stay out of trouble until you’ve gone to trial for your last crime, you know you’ve got a problem. According to ESPN: Leaf was first arrested on Friday after police found oxycodone pills in his golf bag that an acquaintance later said Leaf stole…


Oklahoma HS Football Coach/History Teacher Accused of Asking Girls for Sex in Exchange for Grades – Casey Hauff

Mug shot, Coach Casey Hauff
April 2, 2012

Being a high school teacher is tough. Kids want better grades and are always coming in asking what they can do to improve them. According to Oklahoma police, history teacher Casey Hauff’s response was allegedly “How about some sex?”.  Not surprisingly, that is against the law and generally frowned upon as an extra credit option in most academic situations. Hauff, who’s also the football coach at Atoka High School (home…