Con Man Accused of Stealing $8000 From Parents of Young Baseball Players for “Traveling Team”

From our “Special Place in Hell” Dept:  Jeff Halter, 40, came to Hobart, Indiana (near Chicago) with a glowing resume and the promise to build a traveling baseball team of elite local players. Parents of budding ballplayers (mostly 11-year-olds) gladly stepped up and each paid Halter $675 for uniforms, practice time and travel expenses.  Practices started, everything looked good, and then according to police, Halter stopped showing up.

According to the boys parents, they then received a letter from Halter saying he had suffered a “breakdown” of some kind, but would be back soon. They became suspicious and checked in with the local uniform shop, only to find out that Halter allegedly had not paid for or even ordered the boy’s uniforms. A quick check of is resume found out that it had also been padded. And now, weeks later, no one has heard from Halter.

Halter is still on the loose, but has now been charged with 10 counts of felony theft.

Source: ABC News