Four “Poachers” Arrested Outside Philly Golf Course With 8000 Balls

Dumbass Category LogoMost golf courses have water hazards of some kind: rivers, streams and lakes. And usually they are deep enough to hide golf balls. Sometimes local kids spend evenings and weekend mornings up to their knees (or deeper) finding these lost white balls and, shop maybe, resell them for a buck or two. Then there are these four guys from Michigan who got all the way to a course outside Philadelphia–Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square–with their elaborate ball retrieval, uh, “operation.”

Cops spotted the quartet in the middle of night with flashlights near their white van and trailer. Inside  they found scuba equipment and about 8,000 golf balls, some marked “White Manor Country Club.”   The accused golf ball entrepreneurs claimed they had permission from Aronimink to be there, but the club denies that.  These four geniuses, Daniel P. Curry, 31; Charles D. Creed IV, 26; Robert D. Suave III, 28; and Carisa N. Osmond, 23, all from Saginaw were eventually arrested and face charges of theft, receiving stolen property, and–a new one to us–defiant trespass.

8000 freakin’ golf balls.