Urine Big Trouble Young Man: High School Baseball Player Suspended for Dugout Prank

Trying to gain an advantage on your opponent during a game? The list of pranks and tricks are endless, but the one played by Dwyer High School (FLA) last week before a playoff game against intra-city rival Palm Beach Gardens High really stinks.

And that’s not just figuratively. It stinks, buy like the smell of a truck stop restroom that hasn’t been cleaned in months. The unidentified player was suspended from playing for two weeks and also suspended from school for “dousing Gardens’ dugout with an amount of urine large enough to create a smell noticeable to visiting fans at the game.”  The two teams met and decided to play the game anyway, with Palm Beach Gardens losing the game 7-4, with some blame for the lose going to the stench. In the spirit of sportsmanship, should Dwyer have at least offered to switch dugouts for the game?

Despite the large amount of urine used in the prank, school officials still think the player acted alone . . . probably collecting his “sample” over several weeks.

Source: Palm Beach Post