Alleged Hazing Incident on College Women’s Lacrosse Team Cost Coach Job – Lauren Paul

Former F&W women's lacrosse coach Lauren PaulDetails are scarce on this one, generic viagra cure but one fact stands out: Lauren Paul helped lead the Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, generic viagra PA) women’s lacrosse team to an NCAA Division III National Championship and now she’s out of a job. The cause? An alleged hazing incident last year, that involved as many as 11 upperclassman players on the team who are now all off the squad, but reportedly still in school. (At right, a photo of Coach Paul when she was hired by F&M.)

For “privacy reasons” F&M is not releasing the names of those kicked off the team, or the details of the incident which was anonymously reported to police this February. Interestingly, a formal investigation didn’t get started until April 10 (with women’s lacrosse season in full swing by then) but once completed the response was swift: Paul was gone and the team is now mostly freshman players, lead by the women’s field hockey coach.

Here’s more from the F&M Hazing Policy:

Hazing is a violation of College Policy and Pennsylvania State law. Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created, intentionally—whether on or off campus or organizational premises—that are physically, emotionally, or psychologically humiliating or abusive toward an individual or selected group of individuals as part of the process of gaining entrance or acceptance into an established group, team, or organization—the “willingness” of the student to participate in said activity notwithstanding.

Anyone out there with details of this incident, want to spill the beans? BadJocks at, if you do.

Source: Kansas City Star