Video: Jalen Rose Calls Out High School Sports Hero Skip Bayless – ESPN

We heard about this last week, but hadn’t seen the video. Here’s more on the story behind the video from

A few weeks ago, ESPN talking head and Oklahoma City native Skip Bayless took to Twitter to complain about Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook. The comments were really nothing new or insightful, just the typical “Westbrook’s not a point guard!!!” rhetoric that people say or think or tweet (me included) each time Russ heaves a contested 20-foot jump shot or shoots a wild lay-up while Durant or Harden are wide open for a three. (Bayless tweets about his high school career here.) Yep, Skip Bayless was a high school basketball star. Therefore, he’s much more qualified to provide insightful commentary on the Thunder or give LeBron James funny nicknames than you are. Or was he? . . . Skip Bayless scored a grand total of 21 points in 15 games as the “starting” point guard for the 1970 state runner-up. That averages out to 1.4 points per game. Considering his coach didn’t like him because he “shot too much,” you have to wonder how low his field goal shooting percentage was. And thank God we don’t have Skip’s stats for assists, rebounds or turnovers.