Soccer Boss: Divers Should Face Three Game Ban

So, finally someone in the world of professional football (soccer) has admitted that so-called “divers” (because they dive to the ground clutching a non-injured leg) are damaging the sport and, if caught, they should be banned for three games.

Well, duh? It took them this long to see this is a problem? (Watch the video below for some classic dive examples.) At the World Cup two years ago, the diving reached comical proportions.

But now, Arsene Wenger, the manager of the Arsenal Football Club which plays in the Premiere League in the United Kingdom. Wenger is upset after several suspect penalty calls in recent weeks, including two caused by player Ashley Young of  rival Manchester United that lead to penalty kick goals for his team. Unfortunately, with just a couple of umpires on the large field at any time, one of the reasons soccer players feel they can get away with dives is that the great distance between them and the officials. And because no one remembers your “broken leg” two minutes later.

Maybe they need a “Dive Replay Expert” up in the booth? Or maybe, just maybe, they could teach soccer players to focus on playing the game and not their acting careers.