Piling On: Bobby Petrino Gets Animated GIF and Taiwanese TV Treatment

still image from Bobby Petrino re-enactment animated videoLet the piling on begin!

Former Arkansas football coach Bobby “How ‘Bout a Lift?” Petrino has been fired, buy viagra decease rumors are swirling that there are nude photos of his manhood floating around the Internet, viagra sale physician and his face still looks like an undercooked pepperoni pizza. So, how could things get any worse for the former Razorback? How about if people start re-enacting your infamous motorcycle accident using animation? (Bobby Petrino jokes will be along any minute . . . )

First, we have an animated GIF from an LSU fan which shows Petrino taking off on his bike, getting a thumbs up from Arkansas former governor Bill Clinton, Jessica Dorrell falling off the back, and then wrecking horribly . . . followed by LSU coach Les Miles celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

And, if that’s not bad enough, Petrino also receives the hilarious animated re-enactment treatment from Taiwanese TV – NWA World Edition. Pay close attention to the, uh, “riding position” of Jessica Dorrell on the motorcycle. Most unorthodox, but also could explain the cause of the accident.  Watch it for yourself below: