Bobby Petrino Update: Former Arkansas Coach Exchanged 100s of Texts w. Jessica Dorrell; May Have Included Nude Photos

The water is getting deeper for now former Arkansas football coach Bobby “I’ll Text You” Petrino. According to reports, viagra usa doctor he and his mistress/employee, Jessica Dorrell exchanged 100s if not thousands of text messages including 70 on Sept. 17, the day Arkansas beat visiting Troy 38-28.  The university has released Petrino’s phone records and it does not make him look any better.

And if that wasn’t enough, there might be nude photos among those messages. But no, they are NOT of hot blonde former volleyball player Dorrell. Yep, that’s right: at least one online source is tweeting that there might be naked photos of the Coach. Or, more precisely, parts of the Coach. Call Brett Favre if you don’t understand that part.

And no, we don’t need to see those.